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Review: Biting Bad

Biting Bad  - Chloe Neill

BITING BAD is the eighth book in Chloe Neill’s brilliant CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES NOVEL series. At this point Merit has been a vampire for about ten months, and is finally starting to settle into it. However, things never stay silent long in Merit’s Chicago and it isn’t long before there are riots on the streets as people want to clear Chicago of vampires.


As always with books in Neill’s CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES NOVEL series, BITING BAD was a brilliant, fun, quick read. I dove straight into the book, and had no trouble recalling previous events and characters. As I read I found myself laughing and smiling, not only because of the banter between Merit and Ethan but also because some of the narration was just brilliantly phrased.


BITING BAD starts to deal with the fall-out from the end of HOUSE RULES, although there are definite hints that it won’t be until the ninth book that the consequences are fully realised. This book also sees Merit and Mallory continue to repair their friendship, we also see Mallory learning to live with herself and her tentative plans for the future. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book. Whilst it’s nice to see how well Merit gets on with her own House, one of the things that first drew me to this series was the close friendship between Merit and Mallory.


BITING BAD follows a similar plot to the rest of the series, with part of the plot focusing on Merit and Ethan’s relationship but most of it focusing on a particular event – in this case the riots. I thought Neill handled this aspect beautifully, and I couldn’t quite work out who was behind everything before the big reveal. It was also interesting to finally learn the motivation of one of the bad guys, and boy was it a shock. I also liked the way that Neill used the riots to showcase the different relationships between the vampires and just vampire politics in general.


Overall BITING BAD was an excellent addition to the CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES NOVEL series. Neill handles both the romance and mystery elements of the plot brilliantly. If you are a fan of vampires and like a bit of humour then you should definitely check this series out. I myself am looking forward to book nine which is due out in 2014.


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