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Review: You're Never Weird on the Internet (almost)

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir - Felicia Day

YOU’RE NEVER WEIRD ON THE INTERNET (ALMOST) is an autobiography by Felicia Day. It tells the story of her childhood and growing up in the Deep South up to when she was doxxed during the #GamerGate mess.

Autobiographies and biographies aren’t genres of choice when I’m searching for something to read. Although if you were to look through my “read” shelf on Goodreads I’m sure you would find several examples of both genres on the list. I have wanted to read YOU’RE NEVER WEIRD ON THE INTERNET (ALMOST) since I spotted it on the shelves in a local bookstore whilst I was Christmas present shopping. The title was amusing and for some reason the picture on the cover and the name rang a bell – in case you’re wondering, Felicia Day has appeared in A Town Called Eureka/Eureka and Supernatural, as well as created, written, and stared in The Guild.

On the whole YOU’RE NEVER WEIRD ON THE INTERNET (ALMOST) was an interesting read. I did struggle a bit to get into the book to begin with, this was in part due to some of the narrative style and in part due to the fact that I found it difficult to relate to her. I did like the passion that Day wrote about for her music, gaming and for getting into acting. I also really liked the way that Day focused on her journey to find her place in the world and as such she didn’t really focus on her relationships – familial, romantic or friendship – unless they related to the journey somehow.

Having been on the internet a while, in various forms, I thought it was interesting to read Day’s autobiography and to see how she rose to fame on the internet through her web series and YouTube channel. I also enjoyed reading about her time in the gaming world, and her work as an actress.

If you’re a gamer, or interested in YouTubers, and of course if you’re a Felicia Day fan then YOU’RE NEVER WEIRD ON THE INTERNET (ALMOST) might be something that you’d be interested in. At just over 250 pages (in my copy at least) the autobiography isn’t too long, even for causal fans, and provides a unique look into one woman’s life.

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