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Review: Thousand Dollar Tan Line

The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line - Jennifer Graham, Rob Thomas

THE THOUSAND DOLLAR TAN LINE is the first in a new book based series, which ties into Rob Thomas’s groundbreaking TV series and film about a wily female PI called Veronica Mars. The book starts after the end of both the TV series and the film. Things aren’t easy for Veronica, and she needs a big job which just happens to fall into her lap. Spring breakers have descended on Neptune, and a girl has gone missing.

Veronica Mars was one of the TV shows I used to watch and I was disappointed when it went off-air, and then there was all the buzz around the Kickstarter project to make a film based on it. So I was really excited when I heard that there was going to be a new book series which would tie-in to the TV show. I was also pleased to note that like me, the Veronica of THE THOUSAND DOLLAR TAN LINE was older and probably not wiser, but still ready to see justice done.

The plot of THE THOUSAND DOLLAR TAN LINE was just what I was expecting from a Veronica Mars mystery – complicated and convoluted. If you are looking for a simple mystery, then this is probably not the book for you. Thomas and Graham provide some really good twists and turns that kept me guessing until the final page: what at first seems simple, isn’t quite as it seems.

Like the TV series, the book is narrated by Veronica Mars herself. As a fan, I didn’t feel that the book quite captured the feel of the TV show. At times the narrative seemed quite bland (I might have to give the book a try in the audiobook format as I believe it is narrated by Kristen Bell, the actress who played Veronica). However the story itself was very compelling and I enjoyed watching Veronica solve the mystery. I also enjoyed reuniting with some familiar faces – it’s nice to see that Veronica still has some awesome friends.

If you are a fan of crime novels then I recommend that you check this series out. Equally, if you are a fan of the TV series then you should enjoy the book series too. I had high expectations of THE THOUSAND DOLLAR TAN LINE and although it did not quite meet them, it was a really enjoyable read and something you should give a go if you are so inclined.

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