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Review: Lover Awakened

Lover Awakened - J.R Ward

LOVE AWAKENED is the third book in J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood novels. The story follows Zsadist and Bella, who was involved in a storyline in the previous book. LOVER AWAKEND continues this story, answering the questions readers are left with at the end of LOVER ETERNAL.


As in the previous two books Ward has split the narrative of the novel. This time we get to hear Zsadist and Bella’s stories, as well as gain some insight into other characters in the book including Zsadit’s twin Phury and the mysterious lesser Mr O – a man with a plan, it seems.

I really enjoyed all the different plot threads that Ward wove together in this book, and I think having the multiple narratives worked – especially the sections that focused on the lesser, as I think it gave some interesting insight into what it is to be a lesser.


I liked the fact that this book touches upon the idea of violation of self, and on the whole I think Ward deals well with the subject. However, it did make me a little uncomfortable the implication that sex with the right person makes everything better – it makes you able to deal with the violation you had to deal with and turns you into a normal person apparently. That being said, Ward does touch upon different forms of violation of self and I think that, that was kind of a good thing to do within the paranormal romance genre – too often things are just brushed aside.


I think LOVER AWAKENED is a good, enjoyable read and if you have enjoyed the Black Dagger Brotherhood so far, then you will almost certainly enjoy this addition to the series.


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